Trish Lynch - News Anchor - Presenter - MC - Reporter
News Anchor - Presenter - MC - Reporter
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I've had the absolute pleasure of directing Trish for IOHRTV on numerous occasions and I can honestly say she's an absolute class act. We've worked in Ethiopia where she was willing to make allowances for the uncertain, done numerous interviews with NGO's in long form content and we've travelled to the Hague, covered Press Freedom and a multitude of other packages. Trish brings with her a wealth of professionalism and also that incredible personality that makes it an absolute joy to have her on set at all times.

Thank you! This was already the second time you have moderated RMI’s World Barley, Malt and Beer Conference. You have made again a major contribution to the success of the conference, initially through your meticulous preparation before you took the stage, and then by contributing by sharing your experiences and ideas, and then followed by your commitment far beyond the norm. And not to mention your positive charisma and professionalism! At the event itself you are poised, authentic and professional, and also extremely flexible, so that you can spontaneously respond to changes. In short, it's just fun to work with you, and it certainly will not be the last.

Trish was a great choice for hosting the 8th World Barley, Malt & Beer Conference in Dublin. She understands the meaning of a mutually beneficial and profitable partnership: she was dedicated, very personable and down to earth. Her willingness to spend time tailoring the speeches and talking to the industry members prior to and during the conference was much appreciated. She was great not only at introducing all our speakers but also taking questions during a panel discussion. I would gladly work with her again in a second, and hope to one day be fortunate enough to again do so.

I have worked with Trish many times over the last 10 years or so and it has always been a great pleasure.
From single camera location reports to multi-camera studio shoots, Trish has performed superbly in every circumstance. She is unflappable and calm, but warm and engaging at the same time. She charms everyone from the coldest, wary politician and dull accountants right through to the man and woman in the street. The toughest task I set her was to moderate a panel of 10 top level board members of DHL on a studio shoot in Miami. She allowed the discussion to flow naturally, whilst also driving it in the direction we wanted it to take, ensuring that they key messages and case studies where covered in full. It proved to be a dynamic, lively and very engaging piece, precisely because Trish drove it so expertly in the right directions, with the perfect combination of steely resolve, humour at times, incisive questioning and once again enormous charm and all this in what was a severely limited time frame.
I trust Trish implicitly. If you engage and immerse her in the project from the outset, she contributes an enormous amount along the way and always, always delivers on the day. AND, she is also just great fun to work with.

Trish has been a trusted and highly respected member of The Speechworks team for many years. She has worked with a wide range of our clients from financial clients such as BNP Paribas to technology and electronics corporates such as Omron.
With her unique combination of skills in presenting, interviewing and communications, she has proved time after time to to be a superbly professional, engaging and dependable facilitator for corporate events.
With Trish facilitating at a conference, training forum or any corporate event, our clients know that they are in safe and expert hands.

I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph an award ceremony that Trish was hosting. Trish gave a beautiful and floorless presentation, she interacted with audience and judged their mood perfectly.
Trish was great to work with, very professional and great fun.

Trish is a very versatile presenter, able to turn her hand at any sector, whether it be for a film about insurance, fashion, sports, i even worked with her on a gambling project.
Her professional approach and wide experience has meant she has developed ways to look and be a great front person for the companies she represents. She can certainly add a bit of spice and enthusiasm to even the least interesting subject, even inject a little Irish charm if necessary!
She's also a great crew member and good fun to work with on any project.

Trish is a real professional. I have had the pleaure of working with Trish on a number of occsions including hiring her to work with our clients. She is smart and intuitive as a trainer and our clients love her. We have also hired trish as a presenter on several occasions - in fact she will be presenting for another of our clients next month - she is - as the song says "simply the best"!

Trish is a delight to work with; she is totally natural in front of a camera and utterly engaging. I struggle to imagine her not being totally brilliant at any front-of-camera task, she's great!

Trish is a great "in vision" presenter, we have worked together on several video projects for Blue-chip clients and have had 100% success every time. Feedback from our end clients has been just as good. Trish is a pleasure to work with, a good team player. Because of her broadcast industry contacts Trish has also helped us to secure filming locations at short notice at very reasonable budgets. Trish also has a talent for quickly getting to grips with the script, and with her skilled use of "earpiece" recorder we positively speed through a shoot day.

I employed Trish to anchor the Sony HDNA Roadshows in 2009. It was important for me to have confidence that the presenter would be able to carry the weight of the message but also make the sessions interesting and entertaining. Trish carried this off with great skill.
It was great to work with such a professional, but I was also bowled away by Trish’s approachability and willingness to ‘muck in’ with all the requirements of a touring roadshow.
I very much hope that we will get an opportunity to work together again.

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